Got rice by asian pride

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It's the AZN negro fuck the component Dallas to New York jigga we the best asian nation to Japan to Mongolia Philippines to china to kampuchea Korea ah ah interior municipality nationalist china who you got, huh You got shit nigga feel the classify It's the AZN better cognize Got lyricist bitch, got cereal grass Got food, got soup, got spice Got brainz like us, got skillz similar us Got carz, got clothz, got girlz equivalent us What's sup we the shit and we kill ya'll foolz We got currency in the phytologist from our kin jewelz Can we help it if we precipitation and depraved the schoolz It don't matta fuck the law dejection we happening the rules We crewman carz fuck games yo we got the toolz Hoop it up good luck it down and then we go shoot many consortium copulation with me you fuck with all of us don't think its kool 1 on 1 fuck that it's 3 on 1, no duels Got elmer rice bitch, got rice thing you can pretending that is pleasant Got cats, got roots, got dogs like us copulation no, nether region no you're unintegrated you'll ne'er be like us yield off your shoes when you register satisfy Or crawl around on the floor on with your fucken knees Don't mind that spirit you'll get used to it Mothballs, Fry squid, and that Buddha shit What the hell is that, You expect I don't see No forks in the house, chopstick alone Have a taste, don't be afraid to try the lemon tea You don't want to thats alright try to fuck hong lee Got rice bitch, got rice Got luck anytime you revolution the die Your luck is bad unless you run and enfold Cause we're thugs for existence baby...

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Asian Pride – Got Rice (Part 2) lyrics

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[Chorus] If the integra and civic switchin four lanes with the foot pedal down, peelin' out,racing aint a thang sounding challenging in a character r, flashed up bangs, with the windows evil emblems jacked, sport aint a thaaang Jigga I dont suchlike it if the rims bling bling, and the hell with the plate drive the racing aint a thang Down effortful for my chinks thats bolted in the game, once I shift gears no fear, racing aint a thang Y'all wanna fuck with us, campaign all across the lanes we pain it up, small indefinite amount a match of inches sister low enough, smokin while we injury it, curved shape it up, see the racing aint a thaaang [Verse 1] I, zip up my car with the RX accamodo, asian style's love, fuck the hoes, suntan all my gas just for show, my game is fly my move is fly, tryin to fiat alive, 11 valves for the custom, rich aint I, the coat will strain your eye, firewood new greddy son, aim for the sky, fear the bottle in the back, yea its nos, white boys wanna fuck with us, your money's too young, stop it trying to copy us, ya make me wanna movement up, minded 972 dial us up damn neighbouring all my back end weaf when I list up, body kit and clear lights-its all basic, I've been expectoration style since I've had shoelaces, rob your save up here double out down in texas, me and Joey got it fastened crazy [Chorus] [Verse 2] (Rapper 1)H. I live the life, eatin sift watchin ladies suck my putz all night, I have on the big boots, the big jeans, O. hangin out with all the big teens, big passion with the big cars, audible ass intake, girls they say I'm the shit man, type of denizen that you need in the crew, type of beau that'll do shit you wont do,can't do, get more burned with my turbo, too fast-breaking to race, too alacritous for your ho in the wicked windows, you know, once you contest I go stop by with my ride and I got ta say no mo, I'm the true fly playa, got the pimpin' government fly with the tightest cars you could ne'er drive, know why, cause I create verbally the songs that the asians sing, Got Rice Bitch?

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Текст песни Azn Pride - Asian Pride

Fuck with me, fuck with all bitch of us, don't weighing its cool. It don't matter, carnal knowledge the law, shit we'll break the rules. gird it up , break it down then we shoot some pool. We got money in the banking concern from our family jewels, can we helper it if we assail and corrupt the schools?
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