The Final Show | Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 | 7PM

Mother of mercy, is this the end of Salon Saloon? The show stands at the edge of the summer, peering over the edge of a precipice, not knowing how to proceed into a terrifying future and trembling with fear and uncertainty. Will it all end that night on the stage of the Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater? Or will it be revealed to be a cynical bait-and-switch? Will Andy wake up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette? Or will he be pardoned by Gerald Ford? Whatever happens, it’s our last regular show before a hiatus for the rest of 2013. Come in and see the end with a great lineup of guests who will do their best to bring you closure before Salon Saloon vanishes into the mists of the Twin Cities’ collective memory. Or maybe not?

  • Literary collective OUR FLOW IS HARD
  • Broadcaster T.D. MISCHKE

And the Salon Saloon house band (Katie Condon, Jake Mohan & Claire Tiller) and your host, Andy Sturdevant. Get your tickets here!